Green Buildings

Civil and industrial works with a reduced environmental impact for liveable and sustainable cities

Our projects respect the environment, throughout the life cycle, from the start of construction to the completion of the mandate

Infrastructure that supports sustainable development are helping cities prepare for the challenges posed by growing populations and pollution levels. It can manifest itself as green buildings that are essential to improving the quality of life of urban residents.

Our green building projects have won awards for their design and construction schemes. These include the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certificate, which is being applied to ENI’s new San Donato Milanese headquarters in Italy.

The projects we are carrying out are reducing their environmental footprint by over 30% during their life cycle. We build sustainable buildings by collaborating with the most prestigious architectural firms to design innovative and iconic buildings.

In Italy, we are currently engaged in two important projects. The ENI headquarters, in Milan, is designed by the U.S. architecture firm Morphosis Architects, led by Thom Mayne, winner of the Pritzker Prize for architecture. In Puglia,work is underway on the Monopoli-Fasano hospital, which will be a premium health centre for the region.

Green buildings under construction in Italy

Milan’s new ENI Headquarters

Climate action Civil & Industrial Buildings

Hospital of South-East Bari of Monopoli-Fasano

Climate action Civil & Industrial Buildings

Nato Base in Sigonella

Climate action Civil & Industrial Buildings