Yenikapi Waste Water Treatment Plant

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Data updated to April 2021

Yenikapi, Istanbul, Turkey
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Fisia Italimpianti, a unit of Webuild Group and a global leader in water treatment and desalination facilities, is carrying out, in joint-venture with Alkatas and Alke, a €57-million contract to build a waste water treatment plant in Yenikapi, a neighbourhood of Istanbul ( Turkey) for the municipal water utility ISKI (Istanbul Su ve Kanalizasyon Idaresi).

Once completed, the plant will treat 450,000 cubic metres of waste water per day, a volume equal to the sewage produced by two million residents.

Fisia Italimpianti, whose 90 years of experience has built desalination plants that serve a combined total of more than 20 million people worldwide. The first contract won in 2016 involves modernising and expanding a waste water treatment plant in the Atakoy neighbourhood of Istanbul, allowing Fisia Italimpianti to consolidate its role as developer of projects that assist in improving the environment.

The two plants – one in Atakoy and the other in Yenikapi – will be capable of meeting the needs to treat sewage water produced by 30% of the population of Istanbul.

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