Naples-Bari: the 300 companies creating
high speed for the South of Italy

Supply chain and infrastructure as a driving force
for growth in the southern regions of the country

300 companies from all over Italy
that contribute to the growth of the South

Companies based in Southern Italy


Companies between Northern and Central Italy


Suppliers based in Campania


Naples-Bari High-Speed Railway Line: the bullet train for a great territory

Webuild is committed to building public works in the South of Italy, to make a fundamental contribution to relaunching and developing infrastructure in the southern regions of the country. These include the new high-speed railway line that will connect the cities of Naples and Bari. It is one of the most important Italian infrastructural projects. It will allow better a economic and social integration of the South of the country, both in Italy and in Europe.

There are 300 companies in the supply chain, working together with Webuild, to strengthen the Naples railway node, to benefit transport and travel in Southern Italy, while also redeveloping the entire Naples-Benevento-Foggia-Bari transversal axis. Highly specialized companies dealing with waste disposal management to handling huge structures, supplying steel spans for viaducts or carrying out earth movement activities, to bring high-speed railways to the South of Italy.

It is an expertise that is being deployed alongside the Webuild Group, which is overseeing the construction of the Naples-Cancello section of the high-speed railway being built between Naples-Bari. Webuild is also working on a second section, known as the Apice-Hirpinia.

These 300 businesses come from across Italy (99% of them are, in fact, based in the country). Of the total, 183 are from southern Italy, while 57 are from northern Italy and 57 from the centre. Campania, of which Naples is the capital, is the region from where the greatest number of businesses hail – 51.6% of the total, to be exact. Then there is Lazio and Abruzzo.

Their commitment is to complete one of the most important Italian infrastructure projects: the work that will connect Naples to Bari, with a high-speed railway line.

The two maxi Naples-Bari construction sites

The Webuild Group is currently involved in two sections of the Naples-Bari high-speed railway line: Naples-Cancello and Apice-Hirpinia. Two works worked on by 600 people, including Webuild employees, and supplier companies, and destined to become 930 by 2020.

Naples-Bari high-speed railway line. Naples-Cancello Lot

Climate action High Speed Railways

Naples-Bari high-speed railway line. Apice-Hirpinia section

Climate action High Speed Railways

Southern Italy, at the heart of the TEN-T network to connect Europe

The Naples-Bari line is part of the TEN-T corridors (Trans European Transport Network), the road and railway networks that will connect most of the member states of the European Union, in the coming years, in an efficient and modern way, favouring the exchange of both people and goods.

Among the 9 corridors identified by the EU, four of these directly affect Italy, confirmed as the central hub of European infrastructural design, along the North-South route (the one going from Milan to Naples, and in the future to Bari), but also in its East-West ramifications.