Cumana Railway Line – Dazio-Cantieri section


Start of works

March 2017

Progress status


data updated to May 2021

Dazio, Italy
SDG Obiettivi di sviluppo sostenibile
Climate action Climate action
Industry innovation and infrastructure Industry innovation and infrastructure

The project provides for the design and development of the works to complete the doubling of the Cumana railway line (which connects Naples to Pozzuoli) along a roughly 5 km stretch between the Dazio and Cantieri Stations). In addition to the work to equip the new track, the contract includes the construction of two new stations (Pozzuoli and Cantieri), a tunnel about 500 metres long (the Monte Olibano Tunnel), consolidation of various sections of the slope overlooking the railway line and the adaptation of the tunnels’ safety systems along the line.

Project numers

Total economic value

€ 64.7 millions

Technical data

Length of the section

5 km

Tunnel length

500 m


Advantages and benefits of the work

Expected passengers per year


CO2 emissions avoidable per year

18 t