Ionian 106 Highway - Mega Lot 3

38 kilometers that strengthen the Ionian Corridor

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May 2020

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Data updated to september 2021

Ionian 106 Highway, Italy
SDG Obiettivi di sviluppo sostenibile
Industry innovation and infrastructure Industry innovation and infrastructure

A key road project for the development of mobility in Southern Italy

The project of Mega lot 3 develops in the province of Cosenza: it starts from the junction between the Jonica state road and the state road 534, in Roseto Capo Spulico, to extend for 38 kilometers, alternating flat stretches with marine terraces and plateaus, interspersed with rivers.

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The completion of Megalot 3 plays a particularly strategic important role, as the infrastructure belongs to the trans-European TEN-T network. The Ionian Corridor, thanks to this work, will undergo a real transformation, becoming a road infrastructure of great communication, with a dual function: connecting the Ionian coasts of Calabria, Basilicata and Puglia, while also acting as a hinge between the A3 motorway transport system and Puglia.

The project comprises, along its development, four junctions (Sibari, Cerchiara-Francavilla, Trebisacce and Roseto), 15 viaducts (of which eight, in mixed steel-concrete section, and seven in steel and orthotropic slabs), three natural tunnels and 11 artificial tunnels (mainly with prefabricated segment caps).


This investment is part of the economic recovery plan that starts from large infrastructure, which transform the face of the country, to prepare it for the future. The work has a profound value for those living in the area, also thanks to the landscape redevelopment works of the Archaeological Park of Sybaris, where observation points have been identified, and the perspectives of the foundations of ancient buildings have been restored.


b> Jonica State Road : key project for the development of mobility in Southern Italy

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