Milan Metro Line 4

The metro that brings Milan closer to Europe


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Milan, Italy
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A driverless metro crossing Milan’s historic center, reaching Linate in a very short time

Milan’s M4 line metro will be entirely underground, and fully automated (driverless). It will connect Linate airport to Milan’s San Cristoforo railway station. Crossing Milan’s historic center, it will allow rapid movements along the city’s east/south-west route, and a significant reduction in road traffic.

Besides the interchange with Linate airport, the work will also have two interchange stations with the existing underground line: with the red line, at San Babila station; with the green line, at Sant’Ambrogio. It will be connected to the suburban railway lines in the Forlanini FS, Dateo and San Cristoforo stations.
The work will also be connected to the yellow line in the Missori station, thanks to a short pedestrian connection that starts from Sforza Policlinico station.

The project involves buildings two single-track tunnels, one for each direction, 21 stations, 30 structures and a workshop depot. It mainly develops within the perimeter of the Municipality of Milan, falling for a small portion into the territory of the municipalities of Segrate and Peschiera Borromeo, near the eastern terminal.

Work progress

In September 2020, all the tunnels of the M4 line were completed: 15 kilometers were excavated, in each direction. Works now proceed with the completion of the stations, the laying of the rail tracks and power supply cables, and the installation of the automated driving system.

The M4 will most probably stand as the metro that connects an airport to the city center in the shortest time possible in the world: just 12 minutes will be needed, in fact, to get to the center of Milan, from Linate.

Supply Chain M4 Metro Line: Over 1000 companies pushing for a sustainable Milan

1,196 almost entirely Italian premium supply chain companies are participating with Webuild to build a metro designed to encourage citizens’ participation.

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Construction site San Babila

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Construction site San Babila

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The M4 is not merely technological excellence and design quality. The new metropolitan line of the Municipality of Milan, in fact, will significantly strengthen the sustainable footprint of the Lombard city, with significant environmental benefits: the line will allow a reduction in traffic in the city of approximately 16 million vehicles per year, with an annual reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 30 thousand tons.

Advantages and benefits

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78,000 t


Technology and innovation at the service of the city of Milan

To complete one of Europe’s most important underground sustainability projects and win an engineering challenge, the Group is working on 56 open construction sites. Some of them are located in the center of Milan, with 1,500 currently operational people. Realizing a strategic work for a city like Milan – crossing its historical heart, underground – also means putting technology at the service of the infrastructure, to preserve and protect Milan’s artistic and cultural heritage.


Milan’s new M4 line stations

The mini-series about Milan’s M4 Metro Stations built by Webuild. Discovering the 21 stations of the metro line that brings Milan closer to the rest of Europe.

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Linate airport station

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Repetti station

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Forlanini station

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Argonne station

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Susa station

Episode - VI

Dateo station

Episode - VII

Tricolore station

Episode - VIII

San Babila station

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Sforza Policlinico station