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Capodichino-Poggioreale, Neaples, Italy
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Station of Line 1 of the Naples Metro, at the Capodichino airport

The project foresees building the Station of Line 1, of the Naples Metro, at the Capodichino airport.

The project foresees turnkey construction of the Capodichino airport Station of Line 1, of the Naples Metro. The assignment involves construction of: structures, systems, finishings  of the work, and three TBM wells of the Capodichino-Poggioreale stretch of the Naples Subway Line 1.

The contract is part of the concession contract for the design and construction of the Naples Subway Line 1 (Napoli Centro Direzionale – Capodichino section) signed by M.N. Metropolitana di Napoli and the Municipality of Naples. The works are located in the eastern part of the municipality and include, inter alia, a connection between the Centro Direzionale area (near the FS Napoli Centrale railway station) and the Naples-Capodichino International Airport.

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€129 million

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Naples Metro: The new Station of Line 1 

The station consists of an underground building with an Omega-shaped plan, some 50 meters deep from ground level, with an atrium at sight, at road level, topped by an hangar-style roof in a mixed steel-glass-concrete structure with plan dimensions of 50×48 meters, positioned at 10 meters in height.

The rectangular part of the omega houses all station service systems, while the circular part, with an internal diameter of 33 meters, consists of a single open space with 8 lifts, in a central position, and 4 helical staircases that spin upwards in a screw-line manner, in cantilever, on the circular wall.

Three by-passes connect the landing area of the lifts to the two station tunnels, which are 110 meters in length, with a diameter of 8.90 meters. They were created by consolidating the ground through jet grouting and full-section excavation.

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Advantages and benefits of the work

Excavated material reused for the conversion of former quarries into green areas, in Naples’ area

+200,000 m3

Estimated users pax / year


Reduction of CO2

-47,536 kg/year