Nykirke-Barkaker Railway Line


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Data updated to July 2021

Barkåker, Norway
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The project consists in the upgrade a 13.6-kilometre section of a railway line between the towns of Nykirke and Barkaker, south of Oslo.

A double-track line, including 3 bridges, 3 tunnels (Gråmunk and Skottås tunnels in drill&blast, Kopstad tunnel in cut&cover) and a station near the town of Skoppum.

The project concerns a section of the so-called Vestfold Line, which is being modernized to reduce travel times and increase railway passenger capacity. Norway has as one of its priorities the establishment of a continuous double-track rail line between Oslo and Tønsberg by 2024.

Once it is upgraded, travel time between the two cities will be about an hour, with a frequency of up to four trains an hour in either direction. The project will also favour economic development beyond the Norwegian capital.

Technical data

Steel reinforcement (tons)


Concrete (m3)


Open air excavation (m3)



Advantages and benefits of the work

Co2 emissions avoided per year

640 tons

Reduction of travel times


Passengers expected per year




Works started after ceremony hosted by Norwegian Transport Minister