Marche–Umbria Quadrilateral Highway Network. Maxi Lot 2

Upgrading works of the Perugia-Ancona route and building of the new Pedemontana delle Marche route

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Data updated to September 2021

Perugia, Italy
SDG Obiettivi di sviluppo sostenibile
Industry innovation and infrastructure Industry innovation and infrastructure

A strategic work for Italy’s Central Regions

The project relates to the general contracting of the upgrading works of the Perugia-Ancona route (approximately 31 kilometers in total, on dual carriageways, of which 22 kilometers in tunnels), as well as building the new headquarters of the Pedemontana delle Marche (approximately 36 total kilometers, on a single carriageway, of which 5 kilometers in tunnels).

Technical data

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Advantages and benefits of the work

Reduced travel times on the Perugia – Ancona route (Freeway)


Reduced traffic on the existing ordinary road (daily vehicles)


Reduction of pollution in inhabitated areas