Terzo Valico dei Giovi: over 2,300 high-speed
companies from Genoa to Milan

A new railway network from Genoa to Europe

Over 2,300 companies from all over Italy
that contribute to Italy’s sustainable growth

Northern Italian companies at work for the new line, 24% based in Lombardy


The companies of the Terzo Valico from Central Italy, with Lazio at the forefront


Suppliers based in Southern Italy engaged in a strategic work for Italy


High Speed Rail, in Northern Italy, to transform Genoa into a new international hub

Webuild is involved in one of the most important infrastructural works, currently under construction, in Italy: the Terzo Valico is a new high-speed, high-capacity railway line that allows to enhance the connections of the port system of Genoa with Milan, the main railway lines of Northern Italy and with the rest of Europe.

An enormous construction effort which is being carried out by our Group, who leads the Cociv consortium, appointed to build the work. For years, 2,314 supplier and subcontractor companies have contributed to the project.

It is the Terzo Valico dei Giovi supply chain. It consists of the best premium companies of the sector with the highest specialization levels: from drilling the rock to waterproofing tunnels, from searching for war bombs to building ventilation shafts. Almost entirely Italian companies (99% of the total is made up of companies based in Italy) that are making a decisive contribution to building strategic infrastructure that currently employs 5,000 people, including engineers, technicians and workers.