The Webuild supply chain in Italian construction sites

From north to south, 8 thousand companies involved for Italy’s infrastructure

The Italian supply chain behind strategic infrastructure for Italy’s future

The Webuild Group is committed to developing projects that are crucial to the revival of Italy’s construction sector as well as the country’s socio-economic development.

We work with small and medium-sized businesses, to carry out the Group’s infrastructure projects across the peninsula. These businesses are the best of the “Made in Italy” found in public works throughout the world. They are at the centre of Progetto Italia, a strategy being pursued by the Group to make them stronger and more competitive, both in Italy and abroad.

In 2020, the new Genova San Giorgio Bridge was inaugurated. It quickly became an icon among public works in Italy as well as an example of how to make the most of the expertise offered by the country’s construction industry. Some 330 businesses contributed to its construction over the Polcevera riverbed on contracts with a combined value exceeding €160 million.

Along the lines of the so-called Genoa Model, the Webuild Group is designing and building some of the largest complex infrastructure projects in Italy. From the Brenner to Sicily, it is working with a supply chain that is contributing to Italy’s growth.

There are 8,000 small- and medium-sized businesses involved alongside the Webuild Group in construction sites currently open in Italy, on contracts so far worth a combined value of €11 billion97% of which assigned to suppliers and sub-suppliers based in the country.

These businesses are part of an articulated system that create new jobs in communities across Italy. They harbour expertise that ranks among the best in the world and belongs to Italy’s industrial base. These businesses are part of a supply chain that will help provide the image of a country at the forefront, building for the future.

Eight thousand businesses, from Brenner to Sicily,
contribute to Italy’s growth

Webuild sites in Italy creating sustainable value for the country


Businesses involved in Webuild construction sites currently open in Italy


The combined value of contracts with suppliers on construction sites currently open in Italy

€11 billion

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