Webuild for Southern Italy

Italy's new Renaissance starts in the South: Webuild and infrastructure, the driving force for growth

Webuild at work for the infrastructure of Southern Italy: our ongoing construction sites, from Campania to Sicily

The Webuild Group has been building great works since 1906. It has carried out over 280 public works in Southern Italy, since the 1930s, completing 190 projects, from 1990 to this moment.

The first of these works were dams and hydroelectric plants, in the Palermo area. Fundamental works for the infrastructural development of all Italian regions, soon followed.

Among the main ones, over the years:

The Salerno – Reggio Calabria, with the first works carried out between the 60s and 70s. And recently, for its completion

The motorways in Sicily, the Catania-Palermo and the Messina-Palermo

Railways in Calabria, Sicily and Puglia

The Port of Gioia Tauro

The water supply dams and aqueducts in Campania and Sicily

Airports in Naples, Brindisi, Taranto and Reggio Calabria

The Naples Metro, including the award-winning Art University Stations and the City of Science of Naples

Two thousand companies, from Campania to Sicily, contribute to the growth of Southern Italy

The Webuild construction sites in Southern Italy, to create sustainable value


Companies active in Webuild’s most important construction sites in Southern Italy

~ 1,700

The total value of the contracts for the works being built in Southern Italy

€950 million

Investment in the future of our country restarts in southern Italy. Great infrastructure to create employment and growth

Pietro Salini, CEO Webuild

Ongoing projects in Southern Italy

The Webuild Group is designing and building some of the largest complex infrastructure in Italy, with a chain of production companies that are contributing to the country’s growth.

The value of the Italian supply chain:
The Webuild supply chain in Italian construction sites